ANYTIME ANYWHERE – this “do it yourself” audio conferencing model enables high quality, on-demand telephone conferencing 24/7. It is designed for frequent, recurring or spontaneous meetings. Simple and easy to use it means you can reach people all over the world, regardless of location. It offers all the traditional features of a teleconferencing service. Participants simply dial in to the designated number at the specified date and time and enter a PIN code.

OPERATOR ASSIST – importantly, even with the reservationless system, a conference specialist is available should you need operator assistance by simply pressing *0 on your keypad.

ACCESS NUMBERS – local, regional, toll and toll-free numbers are provided for both domestic and international access, enabling you to easily manage your professional communication with vendors, clients or internally with your remote offices.

ASSISTED AUDIO CONFERENCE – an alternative to the “do it yourself” model, our operator assisted model brings you highly qualified conferencing specialists to handle every detail. The operator connects each site to make sure your conference proceeds as planned. Our educated, skilled specialists consistently impress even long-time clients with their polished approach to each conference. Just provide us with the date and time of your conference and the number of participants, your customized feature requirements, and we handle the rest. Operator assistance is immediately available at any time during the call at the press of a button.

SECURITY – the conferencing network has multiple levels of built-in security features. This means that you have a secure online meeting environment to discuss and share sensitive and confidential information with your conference participants.



VIDEO CONFERENCING SERVICES – providing the highest level of quality and reliability, our video conferences are engineered to look and sound their best, and, importantly, to do so reliably throughout the duration of the event. Whether it’s a boardroom fit out or desktop/mobile solution we have all aspects of video conferencing ready to suit your requirements.

VIDEO SERVICES QUALITY – working with our partners, Chorus Call & LifeSize (a division of Logitech), your video conferences are engineered to look and sound their best, and, importantly, to do so reliably throughout the duration of the event.

VIRTUAL PRESENCE – our video conferencing service gives you virtual visibility that eliminates expensive and unnecessary travel while still maintaining the value of being there.

VIDEO MOBILITY – now everyone can collaborate via HD Video from iPad, iPhone, Android devices while on the move. It’s so easy – Sign up – Download the LifeSize ClearSea App to your desktop or mobile device – Start calling others!



ANYTIME ANYWHERE – web conferencing is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that allows users to share documents, spreadsheets, marketing material, applications and their entire desktop. Collaborate online without the need of specialized software or downloads and reduce your travel overhead and carbon footprint. Web conferencing is the smart way to do business both internally with your remote offices and externally with clients and suppliers.

AUDIO LINK – combined with our audio conferencing service, web conferencing is an efficient and inexpensive way to collaborate with all your stakeholders – in fact for our audio clients this service is FREE!


Send a meeting invite
Use emoticons
Share your desktop
Share PowerPoint slides
Interactive whiteboard
Interactive Q&A sessions

Record audio & web meet
Obtain activity reports
Integrated audio
Use video webcams
PC and MAC accessible
Free Demo Available



Our technology is designed to enable structured meetings such as:

  • financial results presentations
  • investor relations communications
  • press releases
  • employee meetings
  • training sessions and product launches

Emphasis on Quality & Reliability

Our main focus for your event is to make sure it runs smoothly. Many of our existing clients have transferred to our highly experienced team because of poor service from other providers. With Event & Managed Conferencing it is imperative that things go as planned to avoid embarrassment in front of the press, investors, clients or other stakeholders. Good planning, top quality support and experienced Event Conference specialists are the key differences with the services we offer.


  • View Q and A – real time view of participants queued on Q and A. Interactive “chat text” management capabilities between conferencing specialist and speakers/ moderators. Enables queue management on site by corporate representatives
  • Voting and polling session – operator assisted voting and polling session with immediate evaluation
  • Equipment and sound quality testing – to ensure beforehand that the conference’s quality of the sound is high, we test your equipment and the acoustic quality in the meeting room
  • Local & toll free dial in numbers worldwide available upon request – participants dial in locally to attend a conference call
  • Sub conferencing – pre-event caucusing for moderators in different locations
  • Web streaming (audio and video web streaming) – simultaneous streaming over the Internet
  • Translation – simultaneous translation into another language
  • Full conference monitoring – the lead operator of the call has co-operator, who controls the live conference
  • Recording of conference – on CD or audio files (MP3, WMA, RP, Vox etc.)
  • Digital playback – for a nominated period of time the conference will be available for a replay by dialing into the system
  • Transcription – word-for-word transcription delivered within an agreed time frame


When a critical issue hits an organisation instant access to key decision makers can be the difference between a managed crisis and a disaster. Our Business Continuity / Emergency Conferencing is a service that gives you peace of mind that when issues happen, you have the systems in place to get to the people who need to know in seconds. The sequence is described below:

CALL INITIATION PROCESS – It is decided that an emergency conference needs to take place.

  • The call initiator dials an access number and enters the Emergency Conference Pin #.
  • Our System detects the request and dials a pre-stored team list prompting them to join the call.
  • Accepting participant’s are entered into conference with the initiator of the call.
  • Multiple contact phone numbers can be listed for each participant and all numbers tried.
  • Up to 20 participants can be connected in less than 1 minute.

HOW THE SERVICE IS SUPPORTED – With each new account up to 20 participants are individually logged into our system. Multiple numbers will be stored for each participant. Each designated participant will receive an induction email and pack.

  • Each month an email is sent to each participant allowing them confirm or change their contact details ensuring a current contact list. This non-intrusive email will allow users to confirm their details in a single click.
  • Each Quarter we schedule a test of the system with the organisation. The test will act as it would during an emergency situation and confirm the accuracy of lists and key contact information.
  • Each BCC service is supplied with multiple carrier access numbers in the event the event that one or multiple carriers are down. Chorus Call also maintains duplicate systems in Australia and overseas.
  • Each quarter we provide usage reports, reports on the test and details of any changes that have occurred to the contact names and numbers to a designated contact point in the organisation.